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Dr Trust Electric Power Portable Professional Rechargeable Dental device for Teeth Cleaning Oral Irrigator Pro Braces…


High Pressurized Water Flossing : Dr Trust Oral Irrigator uses a high pressure water streams to clean dental floss stocked between the teeth. It exerts 40-90 psi (per square inch) water pressure and very powerful in removing bacteria, dental debris, plaque and the teeth stains. The busted water also reach easily to hard-to-reach areas of your mouth and removes food debris from periodontal pockets.
Three Operation Modes : It comes with multiple pressure settings for a customized cleaning. Its control panel includes three pressure operation modes with LED indication. It features three operating modes- normal, soft and pulse to meet varied needs to have strong and healthier teeth. You can resume the water pulsation according to your teeth sensitivity.
Powerful Pulsating Water Delivery : The small device generates 0.6mm ultra-fine single water stream that pulse up to 1400 times per minute to achieve the total mouth wash easily

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