Silver Line Laboratories GP Fresh One Step Multi-action Solution for Scleral and Rigid Contact Lenses (60 ml) -Pack of 3

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Silver Line GP Fresh One step multi-action solution for Scleral & Rigid Contact Lenses (60 ml)

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GP Fresh is a one step multi-action lens care solution for Scleral and Rigid Contact lenses. It removes protein deposits on daily basis.


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The wide range of manufacturing resources at Silver Line Laboratories allow us to introduce some of the industry’s most advance contact lens material and latest technology balanced with high manufacturing experience, in all over India and nearby countries. We proudly claim that the Silver Line Laboratories’s user are satisfied with our quality and after sale services.

Disinfecting: Soak the cleaned lens attleast 6 hours or over night, in fresh gpfresh solution. Never use alcohol, spirit, petroleum products, aerosols or any other wound disinfectants to disinfect the lens.

Cleaning, Rinsing & Storage: Follow the same cleaning procedure before placing the lens on the eye and after removal, before lens storage.

  • Remove the lens from eye/ lens storage case.
  • Hold the lens in two fingers, thumb and index finger of your dominant hand.
  • Rinse the lens with 3-4 drops of fresh gpfresh solution to avoid presence of any dust particles and debris before rubbing/ cleaning the lens surface.
  • Put 3-4 drops of gpfresh on the lens. Gently rub the lens surface in circular motion for few seconds, more on front 90% (convex side) and less at the back surface (concave side).
  • Add some more drops of gpfresh, rinse the lens properly to remove lose debris and deposits that appear on the lens surface, after cleaning/ rubbing.
  • For best results use fresh solution each time for cleaning, rinsing and to store the lenses.


Removes Tear Residue and Disinfects

Specification: Silver Line Laboratories GP Fresh One Step Multi-action Solution for Scleral and Rigid Contact Lenses (60 ml) -Pack of 3


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