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Agaro Automatic Digital  Blood Pressure Monitor


Complies with International Standard IEC60601-1-2 & CE marked
Memory capacity for two users |Store 120 readings pers user with date and time stamp
Works on Clinically accurate Oscillometric Technology

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AGARO WS 503W Ultra-Lite Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale with Step-On Technology & Anti Skid Tempered Glass…

Highly Safe weighing scale with It’s round edges & Ultra Slim 5mm anti- skid tempered glass top
4 High precision sensors provide up to 180 Kgs of consistent and accurate measurement
Step-On Technology, Ultra Slim Design, Measure weight up to 5 kg to 180 Kg

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Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Platinum Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale for Human Body with Temperature Display

Reliable Readings: An instant step on auto-calibrated platform that can give you accurate measurements in pounds or kilograms up to 400 Lb/180 Kg (please keep in mind the first reading is calibration reading and is to be disregarded)
Temperature display & usb compatible: dr trust platinum rechargeable weighing scale shows atmospheric temperature in degree centigrade. also, it has micro-usb port for easy charging through a laptop, tablet or other compatible source (usb cable included)
Patented accu gauge technology: features high-precision gauge sensors for delivering results with a 0.2 lb/3 oz accuracy on an easy-to-read lcd screen backed by blue backlight

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Dr Trust Weighing Machine

Step on the scale to get instant results! Its high – precision accu-gauge sensors ensure accurate weight readings quickly. Just step on the scale to get the weight measurements in kg, pound and stone
Dr Trust Balance Weighing Scale is multifunctional. It also displays room temperature with body weight in order to do multitasking. It displays room temperature in degree Celsius
Made up of 6 mm premium quality tempered glass, the scale has a rounded corner design for ensuring safety during usage. The thick glass body is sturdy and avoids easy breakage during usage

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Equinox Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Capacity: 180 Kgs
Leather look with ABS platform
Large LCD with white backlight display

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Equinox Mechanical Personal Scale

Capacity – 120kg
Analog scale.The scale has zero adjuster screw on the bottom side of the scale which needs to be set to zero before taking the first reading
Easy to read

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Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate (Black)


Track all-day activity: Your hard-earned steps, distance, hourly activity, active minutes and calories burned
24/7 heart rate more precisely tracks calorie burn, resting heart rate and heart rate zones
Automatically track sleep, plus get more insights into your light, deep and rem sleep stages

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Healthgenie Digital weighing machine for human body weight with Room Temperature Display and USB charging

Healthgenie Digital weighing Scale for body weight with room temperature display is an easy to digital bathroom weighing scale.It is designed with tempered glass with black dotted print which makes it attractive and fashionable
Temperature display & USB compatible : Healthgenie weighing scale shows Room temperature in degree Celcius. Also, it has micro-USB port for easy charging through a laptop, tablet or directly through mobile charger (USB cable included in box)
Low Battery & Overload Indicator : This digital weighing scale has an all time battery display on the screen which also warns about low battery so that users can recharge it before shutting down.The scale also comes with overloading indicator which appears when weight increases its maximum capacity

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HealthSense Chef-Mate Digital Kitchen Scale – Model Ks 33 & Health Sense PS119 Ultra Glass Digital Personal Weighing…

Precise measurements: built with high precision sensors to quickly deliver accurate results & ensure your healthy recipe is deliciously perfect. Measures in grams/Ml/lb/oz with range 1g-5000g
Easy tare function: calculate net weight of ingredients by subtracting empty bowl or container weight. Press tare button to reset scale to zero & weigh while adding ingredients to same container
Free detachable bowl: handy & hygienic bpa free plastic bowl serves multi-purpose for washing, mixing or weighing both wet & dry ingredients. Flip over the bowl on the scale for easy storage

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Healthsense Nano-Cure FS550 Facial Steamer and Medical Steam Inhaler Vaporizer with Nano-Ionic Technology (White/Pink)

CHILD SAFE & MEDICAL USE: Nano-Cure does not sprinkle water from the outlet unlike other vaporizers, hence safe to be used by kids & adults alike. Provides efficient therapy for respiratory ailments like sinusitis, allergies, rhinitis & improves sensory capabilities in children. Clears nasal and sinus passages to ease congestion and effectively relieves cough, cold, flu, bronchitis.
HEALTH BENEFITS: Alleviates sinusitis, allergies, rhinitis & other breathing disorders. Clears nasal passages to ease congestion and effectively relieves cough, cold, flu & bronchitis
POWERFUL NANO STEAM: Produces fine nanometer sized steam with negatively charged ions resulting in 10X more effective and faster absorption. Consistent & wide steam flow covers entire face

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HealthSense PS 117 Digital Personal Body Weight Scale with Step-On Technology (Black/Grey)

Design: symmetrical, vinyl, grey blocked anti-skid platform on jet black toughened glass surface with curved edges for added safety, skid proof feet provides added stability and rollover protection
Efficient monitoring: precision g-sensors perfectly devised with a manufacturing tolerance of plus or minus 300G giving you the most accurate results every time you step on
How to calibrate: place scale on hard, flat surface, initialize by pressing one foot on the scale until random numbers appear on screen, remove foot as it returns to zero (0.0) Now weigh yourself

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HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weight Scale with STEP-On Technology (Grey) & Health Sense PS119…

Design: simple, state-of-the-art wavy design built of sturdy lightweight abs material keeps feet in place, ensure to place your feet towards centre of the scale while stepping on to avoid toggling ; Note: Place the weight machine on flat surface for accurate results
Trustworthy: the 4 g-sensors are precisely devised with a manufacturing tolerance of plus or minus 300G giving you accurate results every time you step on
How to calibrate: place scale on hard, flat surface, initialize by pressing one foot on the scale until random numbers appear on screen. 3.5-inch LCD screen is illuminated by a cool black backlight with white digit for easy viewing–even in the most dimly light areas

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