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Amazon Brand – Solimo Adult Diapers – 10 Count

Product 1: Up to 8 hours of prolonged protection from wetness and incontinence
Product 1: Maximum absorbency quickly turns liquid into gel, keeping the area dry and comfortable from bladder leaks
Product 1: Leak Proof diapers with a snug fit around thighs to help lock wetness and avoid leakage from the sides

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Kare In Adult Diapers Large 10 Count, Waist size 101-139cm (40″- 55″)-Pack of 10 (100 Counts)


Super Absorbent Gel Core – Quickly locks fluids away and helps eliminates odour
Re-fastenable Tape – High quality re-fastenable tape helps adjust to a comfortable fit
Leakproof Technology – Netted channel inside for faster liquid distribution and absorption

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Seni Breathable Adult Diapers

Imported From Europe
Breathable all-in-one diapers Super Seni are recommended for bedridden patients with moderate to heavy incontinence
The essential feature of Seni products is 100% breathability. Free air circulation significantly lowers the risk of chafes, skin irritations and bedsores prone to develop especially in bedridden patients. Breathable products are absolutely necessary to ensure proper air ventilation, avoid certain skin disorders and keep the skin in good condition.

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